How Goatscaping Works

We are happy to explain how our goats work!

Customers rent goats by the week, and the goats will clear approximately a quarter to one-third of an acre per week, depending on the density of the vegetation. The cost of the goats is $700 per week for the South Shore and Cape Cod, and $850 per week elsewhere; prior to May 1st and after September 30th the cost is $500 per week. The customer should point out the general area where they would like them, either in person when we arrive, in a clear written email description, or by marking the area with stakes or ties on trees.
Goatscaping will set up a 4-foot high electric net fence powered by a solar battery. The 300-400 foot fence can be set up in any shape configuration, and on virtually any type of ground. Please keep in mind that the fenced-in area is ultimately determined by the density of the vegetation and terrain. The fence cannot be set in an area of solid rock or precipitous drops. Fence cannot go over stone walls, downed trees, or through standing water.

The fence not only keeps the goats in, but protects them from coyotes and stray dogs. The solar fence charger produces the same voltage output as an Invisible Fence for dogs. It will give a brief unpleasant zap, but will not injure anyone including children or seniors. We provide a white 4’x6’x4’ field shelter, so the goats happily stay in their fenced enclosure for the week.
Goats will clear everything green from 4-6 inches to 5-6 feet off the ground, whatever they can reach. However, they will leave woody stalks that are a quarter inch or thicker. After the goats leave, the low ground cover they fertilized and left behind (ex. grass, clover, ferns, mosses) will take over and help keep out new brush growth and poison ivy. Goat manure is odorless, can be directly applied to soil without composting, does not contain seeds and is richer in nitrogen than that of cows or horses.

The only maintenance we ask of customers is that they please provide fresh water daily and a little grain and minerals we leave in a deck locker beside the fence. Once a day at a time of their convenience, customers can put food in their dish or can feed them by hand which - for most people - is the fun part. The goats are extremely friendly and love people; our staff does not bite, kick, or butt.

We thank you most sincerely for going green with our goats!