Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about coyotes or foxes?

We have never lost a goat to a predator. Our electric fence keeps out coyotes, fisher cats, and stray dogs. Foxes are too small to attack a goat, and eastern Mass. does not have mountain lions or bears.

Q: What if I have two separate areas I want done in my single rental week?

Because setting up the fence is very time-consuming, we can only set up the fence once a week. We leave a leash for every goat, and you are welcome to lead them on a leash to another area you want them to clear. However, you must stay with them when they are out of the fenced area. You cannot tie them up and leave them unattended; they may get tangled, get loose, or be attacked by a stray dog.

Q: What if it rains during my week?

Goats don’t mind gentle rain, but in pouring rain will stay in their shelter. If the goats don’t get a chance to eat during the day due to rain, they will usually catch up by eating at night or be extra hungry the next day and make up for it. We assume a few days of poor weather for each goat rental week in our estimate of approximately a quarter acre per week.

Q: It’s noon and the goats are just lying around – why aren’t they eating?

Goats are ruminants and have four stomachs. They need time each day to digest their food and chew their cud.

Q: What if the goats finish clearing my area early?

We leave hay in case the goats finish early and run out of food in their fenced area. The hay will keep them well fed and happy in their enclosure until we are scheduled to pick them up.

Q: Can I rent the goats by the day?

We cannot rent for a fraction of a week. We can’t predict the weather, and if it rains for the day or few days you have the goats they won’t clear the area as expected.

Q: What if I have a wasp or hornet nest in the area I want to put the goats?

They should be exterminated before our goats arrive. It is too hazardous to set up fencing near an active nest and goats will not go near the area where the nest is.

Q: How will the goats get along with my dog?

Goats and dogs get along very well. Our goats are used to dogs, so will remain calm even with a dog barking close to them beside the fence. Dogs love to watch goats – our goats are like television for dogs!