About Us

The Goatscaping Company grew out of a chance meeting between its two co-founders at Colchester Neighborhood Farm in Plympton. Elaine Philbrick and Jim Cormier were both members of their neighborhood CSA, and Elaine kept her four goats and Jim his Hampshire ram Baltimore there.

After reading a Patriot Ledger article about using goats on a golf course, Elaine reached out to some local golf courses. Cohasset Golf Club responded and became the first customer. It was a well-timed opportunity for Jim, who almost immediately had his hands full delivering goats to South Shore businesses and residents who wanted to go green and enjoy these intelligent, gentle, and playful animals who always make people smile.

The Goatscaping Company now covers greater Boston with more than 45 “staff” and expanding. Their goats have cleared commercial customers such as golf clubs, the Xfinity Center (an outdoor concert venue), municipal parks, town cemeteries, abandoned buildings, plus worked more than 50 residences from Gloucester to Wellfleet. Next year they hope to include summer camps and solar panel farms. They rent goats crews by the week for less than a landscaping company would charge, and the standard crew of two to four goats will clear approximately a quarter acre per week.

The Goatscaping Company is delighted to do its part to reduce the use of herbicides, improve soil, and eliminate the hazard of poison ivy. Most especially, we’re thrilled to reintroduce goats to people of all ages and from all walks of life!